Monomehypo CAS No.: 52207-48-4 TC G

Monomehypo CAS No.: 52207-48-4 TC G

Keyword: Monomehypo / CAS No. : 52207-48-4/ TC G

Product Details


CAS No. : 52207-48-4

Molecular formula: C5H11NNa2O6S4

Molecular weight:  355.4    

Melt point: 142-143ºC


Focusing on

Monomehypo TC: 95%

Monomehypo G: 5% 

Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0

Product description

MONOMEHYPO broad-spectrum insecticide with strong stomach, contact and systemic action as well as fumigant and ovicidal activity.  Control of various Lepidopterous insects, Pink rice borer, Asiatic rice borer, paddy borer, rice leaf roller, rice plant skipper, thrips, leafhoppers, plant hoppers, armyworm, beetles, whitefly, cabbage worm, cabbage webworm, striped cabbage AEA beetle, three-spotted plusia, and plant bugs in rice, maize, vegetables, fruit trees, tea, soybeans, sugar cane, and other 


Product Benefits

Excellent for IPM and IRM.

Low mammalian toxicity combined with high selectivity for target pests.

Rotational chemistry in program with other pesticide.

Quickly knockdown within one hour after application.