Diafenthiuron CAS No.: 80060-09-9 TC SC WP

Diafenthiuron CAS No.: 80060-09-9 TC SC WP

Keyword: Diafenthiuron / CAS No. : 80060-09-9/ TC SC WP

Product Details


CAS No. : 80060-09-9

Molecular formula: C23H32N2OS

Molecular weight: 384.6

Melt point: 144.6-147.7ºC

Solubility In water: 0.06mg/l (25ºC)


Focusing on

Diafenthiuron TC: 95% 97%

Diafenthiuron SC: 25% 50%

Diafenthiuron WP: 50%

Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0

Product description

DIAFENTHIURON insecticide and acaricide which kills larvae, nymphs and adults by contact and/or stomach action; also shows some ovicidal action. Effective against phytophagous mites on cotton, various field and fruit, crops, ornamentals and vegetables. Also controls some leaf-feeding pests in cole crops, soya beans and cotton. Diafenthiuron is safe on adults of all beneficial groups. Compatible with the biological control of Aleyrodidae and mites in glasshouses.


Product Benefits

· Unique chemistry with a new mode of action - controls resistant strains of mines, whiteflies, and hence low rist of cross resistance with existing chemicals.

· Broad spectrum of activity - covers a wide range of leaf-feeding pests.

· Long duration of activity - fewer application compared to traditional products.

· Degradation into urea derivative - phytotonic effect and yield increase.

· Immediately stops feeding, reproduction and mobility in the pest.

· After first uptake the pest does not damage the crop any further.

· Has vapor action that penetrates into thick canopies hence reaching insects in hard to reach areas