Bromoxynil Octanoate CAS No.: 1689-99-2 TC EC

Bromoxynil Octanoate CAS No.: 1689-99-2 TC EC

Keyword: Bromoxynil octanoate / CAS No. : 1689-99-2/ TC EC

Product Details

Bromoxynil octanoate   

CAS No. :  1689-99-2

Molecular formula: C15H17Br2NO2

Molecular weight:  403.0

Melt point:  45-46ºC

Solubility in water:  3 mg/l (20ºC)

Focusing on

Bromoxynil octanoate TC: 96% 97% 

Bromoxynil octanoate EC: 22.5% 25%

Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0

Product description

BROMOXYNIL OCTANOATE selective contact herbicide with some systemic activity. Absorbed by the foliage, with limited translocation. Post-emergence control of annual broad-leaved weeds, especially young seedlings of the Polygonaceae, Compositae, and certain Boraginaceae, in cereals, maize, sorghum, flax, onions, garlic, mint, grass-seed crops, turf, and non-crop land. Often used in combination with other herbicides, to extend the spectrum of control.

Product Benefits

· Unique formulation of MCPA-EHE + Bromoxynil combine to provide a truly synergistic combination delivering cost effective, rapid and robust broad spectrum weed control

· Provides excellent control of much weeds including the ‘hard to kill weeds

· Applied to small weeds early in the crop enables to obtain maximum yield

· Fast acting, weeds display symptoms in as little as 2-7 days after application and crop competition stops soon after