Epoxiconazole CAS No.: 106325-08-0 TC SC WG

Epoxiconazole CAS No.: 106325-08-0 TC SC WG

Keyword: Epoxiconazole/ CAS No. : 106325-08-0/ TC SC WG

Product Details


CAS No. : 106325-08-0

Molecular formula: C17H13ClFN3O

Molecular weight: 329.8

Appearance: White powder

Melt point: 136.2ºC

Solubility in water: 6.63×10-4g/100ml (20ºC)


Focusing on

Epoxiconazole TC: 95%

Epoxiconazole SC: 12.5% 25% 50%

Epoxiconazole WG: 70%


Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0

Product description

EPOXICONAZOLE Preventive and curative fungicide. Uses as broad-spectrum fungicide with preventive and curative action, for control of diseases caused by Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, and Deuteromycetes in cereals, sugar beet, peanuts, oilseed rape, and ornamentals


Product Benefits

· Improved water use efficiency because Improved assimilation of nitrogen that enables better plant growth, ultimately contributing to higher yields.

· Increased daily CO2 uptake which leads to increased starch production and therefore better yield.

· Inhibited ethylene production under stressful conditions, consequently fewer leaves are sacrificed, allowing the crop to optimise the grain fill process.

· Systemic and translaminar fungicide, thus protecting all parts of the plant for optimal growth.

· Prevention against spore germination, infections and mycelia growth with limited secondary infections in later stages of plant growth.