Difenoconazole CAS No.: 119446-68-3 TC EC WG

Difenoconazole CAS No.: 119446-68-3 TC EC WG

Keyword: Difenoconazole/ CAS No. : 119446-68-3/ TC EC WG

Product Details


CAS No. :  119446-68-3

Molecular formula: C19H17Cl2N3O3

Molecular weight:  406.3

Melt point: 78.6ºC

Solubility in water:  15mg/l (25ºC)


Focusing on

Difenoconazole TC: 95%

Difenoconazole EC: 25%

Difenoconazole WG: 10%

Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0

Product description

DIFENOCONAZOLE systemic fungicide with preventive and curative action. Absorbed by the leaves, with acropetal and strong translaminar translocation. Systemic fungicide with a novel broad-range activity protecting the yield and crop quality by foliar application or seed treatment. Provides long-lasting preventive and curative activity against Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycete, Erysiphaceae, Uredinales and several seed-borne pathogens. Used against disease complexes in grapes, pome fruit, stone fruit, potatoes, sugar beet, oilseed rape, banana, cereals, rice, soya beans, ornamentals and various vegetable crops. Used as a seed treatment against a range of pathogens in wheat and barley.


Product Benefits

· Ideally systemic, gives more to growers: It is reliable and economical, giving a high return.

· Protects new growth from within.

· Curative activity: able to eliminate all disease within the crop leading to higher quality produce.