Carbendazim CAS No.: 10605-21-7 TC WP SC

Carbendazim CAS No.: 10605-21-7 TC WP SC

Keyword: Carbendazim / CAS No. : 10605-21-7/ TC WP SC

Product Details


CAS No. :  10605-21-7

Molecular formula: C9H9N3O2

Molecular weight:  191.2       

Melt point:  302-307ºC

Solubility in water:  8mg/l (pH 7, 24ºC)


Focusing on

Carbendazim TC: 98%

Carbendazim WP: 50%

Carbendazim SC: 50%


Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0

Product description

CARBENDAZIM is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. It is used for the control of a wide range of fungal diseases such as spot, powdery mildew, scorch, rot, blight, etc., on cucurbits, legumes, lettuce, sunflower, cereals (rice), fruits and vegetables. In addition, it can be used as a timber preservative and as a seed treatment. How does it work? After application, Carbendazim is quickly absorbed by the green plant tissue as well as by roots. When applied before infection, it kills the germination spores and thus prevents the outbreak of disease – this is called a preventive action. When applied after the infection has already started, it attacks the developing mycelium and arrests it’s spreading by suppression of sporulation - this is called a curative action.


Product Benefits

· Broad spectrum, systemic fungicide 

· It prevent dryness of the leaves by stopping spread of the disease

· It pretect blossom/flower from diseases resulting higher fruits and higher yield

· It protect fruits from disease, which keep fruits in flawless/spotless condition for higher market price and export prospects