Pymetrozine SC, WP, WP, WG CAS No. : 123312-89-0

Pymetrozine SC, WP, WP, WG CAS No. : 123312-89-0

Keyword: Pymetrozine / CAS No 123312-89-0/ TC WP WG SC

Product Details


Common name: Pymetrozine

Type of product: Insecticide

CAS No.: 123312-89-0

Molecular formula: 217.2

Molecular weight: C10H11N5O

Melt point: 217 ºC

Solubility in water: 0.29 g/l (pH 6.5, 25oC).

Focusing on

Pymetrozine TC: 95% 96% 97%

Pymetrozine WP: 25% 50%

Pymetrozine WG: 25% 50%

Pymetrozine SC: 25%

Reference information from e-Pesticide Manual 2.0

Product description

PYMETROZINE insecticide powerful controls aphids and whiteflies by stopping their feeding quickly after application. Although aphids or whiteflies can remain alive for a few days and may continue to move on the plant, shuts down the aphids or whiteflies feeding processes and stops the damage they inflict almost immediately. Control in vegetables, potatoes, ornamentals, cotton, deciduous and citrus fruit, tobacco, hops; both juvenile and adult stages are susceptible. Also control of planthoppers in rice.


Product Benefits

· PYMETROZINE is an excellent fit for any resistance management program because it represents a unique, new class of insecticide and it affects aphids that are resistant to other classes of insecticides.

· Excellent for IPM and IRM.

· Low mammalian toxicity combined with high selectivity for target pests.

· Crop quality enhancer.

· Rotational chemistry in program with neonicotinoids.